The Sweetest Place on Earth

Thursday, May 14, 2009
I grew up in a small, rural town on the outskirts of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Chocolatetown, U.S.A. Yes, it quite literally is the sweetest place on earth. Here at the Jersey Shore, we wake early to see the sunrise. In Hershey, we wake early to smell the sweet aroma of chocolate. I'm not kidding. If you time it correctly, you can awake to the delicious smell of chocolate. It fills the air and immediately ignites your craving for the sweet stuff, and the street lights shaped like Hershey's Kisses help to fuel that craving!

This time of year, Hershey experiences a "calm before the storm". The tourists are gearing up to fill the town for the summer. Hershey Park is the main draw, but there are plenty of other places to see and things to do. For more information on the many sights and smells of Hershey, click here.

I can't think of a time when I've been in Hershey to visit family, when the girls and I haven't stopped at Chocolate World, a simulated tour of the chocolate making process. It's fun, and it's free! This past weekend when we arrived at Chocolate World, we quickly learned that it was closed due to a power outage. But we didn't let that stop us from having fun. We parked the car and explored the area just before the entrance to Hershey Park.

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