The etiquette of RSVP'ing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
We've been having birthday parties for Emma and her friends for 4 years now. Not a party has passed where the RSVP's have come in on time. It's so frustrating. I always put a reply by date on the invitation because if you don't everyone will call the night before the party to tell you they will (or not) be there. NOTHING annoys me more than this blatant inconsideration.

This year is no exception. The RSVP date is May 24, and of course, there are more than a handful of people who have yet to respond. What's worse is that Emma has come home from school on several occasions telling me that "so and so" can come or "so and so" can't come. Did I miss something here? I thought the invitation kindly asked parents to call or email me. What is wrong with some people? Are they illiterate? Can they not read an invitation and follow directions? Last year, I had a mom call me the night before the party to ask for directions and oh, RSVP, too. Puh-leez!

I really try hard not to use my blog as a venue for venting, but in this case, many of you may share my predicament. As mothers, party planners extraordinaire, we deserve some respect when it comes to planning a party. Don't we?

First, the resort where we are having the party requires a final headcount from me by May 26th. If they want their child to get their fair share of food, they need to call me.

Secondly, I have to buy and assemble the swag bags, and I don't mean plastic treat bags filled with junky candy and a plastic yo-yo. It's perfectly OK for my girls to come home from a party with this type of goody bag, but I will NEVER give one of these to a party guest. I like to put a little more effort into the party favor than that.

This year, because it's a pool party, I was thinking of giving each guest a beach pail and shovel filled with girly stuff that follows a summer theme. Whatever I decide, I'll be sure to share it with you.

And oh, by the way, thanks for listening!! :)

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April said...

At least you have quite a few years to prepare yourself for when the RSVP's need to be returned for weddings.