Style Crush: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

Monday, June 18, 2018

With 90s style making a resurgence, it felt only fitting to honor one of my favorite 90s style icons: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. To say that I was obsessed with her style would be a gross understatement. She had a classic style with a modern twist that even now, 20+ years later, still looks on trend. She could make a black tee and khakis look glamorous, so of course, everyone wanted to copy her.

It never mattered what she wore. Casual or special occasion, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy always looked fabulous. Here are a few of my many favorite looks:

The combination of black and white looks very classy and glamorous but can look very boring and utilitarian. Here, a classic white button down shirt paired with a slim black skirt looks anything but bland. The long length of the skirt makes it suitable for an evening or special occasion, and if you've seen the full length version of this photo, you might notice that the skirt actually has a sort of mermaid-like, ruffle hem. 

Bessette Kennedy had a way of elevating basic casual wear. This is proof of that. Cargo cords and a basic black turtleneck have never looked more chic.

Bessette Kennedy had a penchant for flare and boot cut jeans. She wore them with boots, sandals, and with flip flops. Any way she wore them, her look was super stylish. In this photo, she sports a sleek ponytail with a tortoise headband, flare jeans, a basic white tee, and a fur collar trench. 

I love the combination of camel and black. The contrast is striking. Add a pair of brown boots, and it's even more eye catching. I love how nothing in Bessette Kennedy's outfit if too matchy-matchy, but how the whole thing just works. This outfit is a prime example of how less really is more. 

Again, here's Bessette Kennedy crushing the "less is more" look. I mean, this dress is diving. Seriously, this front slit, white floor length dress looks just as chic today as it did 20+ years ago. The only change I would have made is to wear an updo or a low chignon. The neckline on this dress is screaming to be shown off. 

I've already touched on how over and over again we saw Bessette Kennedy in boot cut and flare denim, but the photos in this collage are evidence that she could take the most basic pair of jeans elevate them with the right top, jacket, or pair of sandals. 

This outfit is reminiscent of a suit Bessette Kennedy's mother-in-law Jaqueline Kennedy would have worn. The outfit means business, but the fur collar adds an element of fun. A sleek black envelope clutch and a pair of black heels are the only accessories needed. 

No one did black tie attire better than the Kennedys. A simple black strapless midi dress (before mid length was even a thing) looks stunning on Bessette Kennedy. Her long, lean body lends itself to a dress this style. Velvet gloves and barely any other type of accessories allows the dress to speak for itself. She really was the epitome of minimalist style and beauty. 

What is your favorite look of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's?

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