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Friday, June 1, 2018

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There isn't a print that's more quintessentially summer than gingham. It just seems to scream warm, sunny days. But if you have a mental block when it comes to wearing gingham because it conjures up images of our favorite Beverly Hillbillies Elly May and Jethro Clampett, it's time to revisit gingham.

Gingham was made popular by Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz and Mary Ann From Gilligan's Island

Once a fabric preferred by farmers because it's lightweight and relatively inexpensive, gingham has gained popularity in recent years as it has become the fabric/print of choice among the preppy crowd. You can find gingham on everything from shirts to shorts to shoes. It's gotten a modern update and no longer looks like it was something left over from your great grandmother's closet.

I think this halter top is absolutely adorable and would pair fabulously with a pair of white jeans or white shorts. But if you can't see yourself wearing gingham, how about drinking out of a gingham mug instead?

Summer entertaining season is here! This gingham serving set would look great with a cheese board and don't forget appetizers and desserts taste better when they are served on cute plates.

If you're heading to a casual barbecue or to meet a friend for an iced coffee, this gingham dress would be perfect! If the occasion is a little dressier (maybe work or a bridal/baby shower), this gingham dress is a better option.

And check out even more fabulous gingham finds:

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