The tide is shifting

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Every so often, I swap out the pictures in my frames around the house and replace them with current ones. It's always sad for me. I want to display EVERY picture I have. I'm a picture hoarder. I almost feel as if replacing the picture means saying goodbye to that time in my life. I have several pictures of the girls when they were babies that I'll never change. They remind me that my girls were once babies.

I am reminded every day how fast they are growing and how much they are changing. Just Sunday when we were at the water park, I had difficulty spotting Harper in the crowd of children. I was looking for a much smaller child. When had she gotten so tall? When did my baby become a little girl? For some reason, this transition is much more difficult for me to see in Harper than it is in Emma. Is it because Emma is the oldest?

With Emma, I look forward to her growth and accomplishments. As my oldest, Emma is expected to progress, mature and, dare I say, become a young woman? {gasp} But with Harper, I find myself clinging to the baby she once was and wishing she was still just that, a baby.

I take them to the park, and they don't need my help with climbing or swinging anymore. I take them to the beach, and they no longer need to hold my hands by the water's edge. They are growing and shifting, and I need to be ready to move with them and at their pace.

Most importantly, I need to remember that they'll always be my babies, and I'll always be their mommy.

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April said...

This just brought tears to my eyes. I wish they could stay forever as they are today. I have no doubt they will grow up to be very beautiful, successful young women.