Tips for a Seamless Morning Routine

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Mornings can be tough. There's lots to do and little time to accomplish everything. Whether you've got one child or 4 children, mornings can pose a challenge for even the most organized parents.

Here are 4 tips for making the mornings go smoother:

1. Plan ahead.
Organize anything and everything that can be done so the evening prior. Make sure books, binders, folders, and papers are in backpacks.

Pack whatever you can for lunches and snacks. Place refrigerated items in the front of the refrigerated so that you can grab and pack the following morning.

2. Divide and conquer.
If you are lucky enough to be able to share the morning responsibilities with your spouse, play upon both of your strengths and divide the tasks accordingly. The Hubs is willing to do a lot in the A.M.s, but one thing he cannot do is style hair. While he makes breakfast for the girls, I do the hair and help my youngest tie her sneakers.

3. Pick out outfits the night before.
I'm not going to promise you that there won't be mind-changing in the mornings. In fact, if you have girls, expect it more often than not. I'm just sayin'. You can save time and aggravation if the outfits are chosen the night before. Once the kids are out of bed, they can immediately dress themselves without the added effort of making a decision.

4. Get on the same page.
Mornings can be filled with requests. For us, it is often requests for play dates. Make sure you and your spouse present a united front by agreeing to any impromptu after school activities. Set expectations with your children for after school play dates, etc. We have 2 days each week when after school play dates are put on hold because of other commitments. The girls know that they are not to plan anything for those afternoons, and the Hubs and I agree that there are no exceptions.

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