Budding Chefs: Garden Cookies

Monday, April 9, 2012
Our local libraries have some really cute programs and activities for children. Since starting kindergarten, Harper hasn't had a chance to take advantage of the programs since they occur during the day. But since it's spring break this week, her Daisy troop leader registered the girls for a fun "cooking" activity today. What a fun idea!

They made garden cookies: little boxes with carrots. How cute is this?

It's a bit messy, but the kids had a ton of fun making the mess!

4 vanilla sugar wafer cookies
A generous tablespoon of chocolate icing
2 chocolate wafer cookies
Sandwich size plastic bag
3 orange Mike & Ike candies
3 green Mike & Ike candies

Assemble the garden box by gluing 3 vanilla sugar wafers together. Break the last wafer into w pieces and glue the pieces to the ends of the box using the chocolate icing as glue.

Place the chocolate sugar wafers in the plastic bag and crush them. Add the crushed wafers to the remaining chocolate icing. Mix well. This will be the soil.

Spoon the chocolate wafer and icing mixture into the garden box.

Using your thumb, smash the green candies to flatten them. Using a paring knife, cut 3 slits in the top of the candies to form leaves.

Using the knife, split each orange candy in half lengthwise about half-way.

Place the green "leaves" into the orange candies to form carrots. Gently close the orange candy around the green one.

"Plant" the carrots into the soil.

My proud little gardener showing off the fruits of her labor!

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