Six Months Post-Hurricane Sandy: Still Sifting and Shifting #jerseylove

Monday, April 29, 2013
Six months ago today, the residents of coastal New Jersey were rocked by Hurricane Sandy. As she pounded the coastline, we were left scurrying to get out of her way.

She came with a vengeance and left with the hopes, dreams, and in many cases, houses and possessions of so many.

Today, it's not difficult to hop in your car and drive a quarter mile, 1/2 mile, or maybe even 2 miles without seeing some sort of remnant of Sandy. Although she took so much from us, she left so much behind.

In the six months since Sandy made her unwelcomed visit to the unparalleled Jersey shore, one thing stands out above all else: COMMUNITY.

Above all the destruction, there emerged a huge sense of community and a support network that only a tragedy such as Hurricane Sandy can bring. In the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months that followed Sandy, the residents rallied around each other.

Those who lost everything comforted each other. Those who lost nothing comforted those who lost everything. Strangers came from towns as far away as the opposite coast to donate food and supplies, clean up debris, and offer a shoulder to cry on.

Anyone who was able to help generously offered help. Anyone who needed help took the help that was offered. Those without power were offered a hot meal and a warm bed by those who had power restored in their homes.

It was the worst time to be from the Jersey shore. It was the best time to be from the Jersey shore.

Six months later, there are still piles of destroyed possessions at the curb sides. There is a house in the bay. There is a town where mail delivery resumed just this week.

Life is still anything but normal in these parts. But slowly, normalcy is being restored. People are moving back into their homes. Businesses are opening their doors again. Boardwalks are being rebuilt.

This summer, more than any other, I am proud to be a Jersey girl.

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