Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

Sunday, September 23, 2018
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When it comes to gift giving, teen boys can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Previously, we've purchased action figures, Lego sets, board games, and jigsaw puzzles - anything to keep their minds occupied. However, now that we are in the teen years, we want want to give a gift that's a little more “grown up” and that will help them feel mature and respected. I've asked around to some of my friends who have teenage sons. Here are a few gift ideas that can get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Remember not all gifts have to be tangible or something that you could wrap up. Instead, you could purchase an experience. This can be a great gift for a teen boy, as they can spend a day out with their friends when they would otherwise be spending their time in the house or at a local park. Good ideas include paintballing, being a passenger in a sports car on a race course, or a a one-day ticket to a local amusement park. These create great memories, whether they go on these days out with you or their friends!

Tech Gifts
Teenagers are notoriously attached to their smartphones. A pair of good quality earbuds or headphones make a great gift for boys who like to listen to music or watch TV or videos on their phones. Phone and tablet cases are also good gifts as well as gift cards to purchase games, music and/or movies.

Smartphone Projector
Kids sleepovers mostly consist of having their pals over and keeping themselves occupied with video games. However, as they reach teenage years, they tend to have different interests. Many spend hours on end scrolling through YouTube videos posted by their generation’s influencers.  You could invest in a smartphone projector for them so that them and their friends can sit back and watch them projected onto a wall rather than huddling around a single phone or laptop screen.

Toiletry Bags
Ahhh, the joys of boys going through puberty. A men's toiletry bag could be an extremely useful item to purchase for a teen who wants to feel a little more independent and grown up. Find a nice leather bag (you could even get it personalized) and fill it with a few toiletries that they can call their own. Good options include deodorant, a good quality razor, shaving cream, shower gel, and skincare products that tackle that pesky teenage acne.

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