Helping to Build Sandy Castle, The World's Tallest Sand Castle

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Volunteers from all over the Jersey shore are converging on Point Pleasant Beach to take part in a record breaking event.

The world's largest sand castle is being constructed with the help of faithful volunteers, young and old. Ed Jarrett who currently holds the record for building the largest sand castle at 38 feet has taken on the task of beating his record. By 12 feet. Yes. An astonishing 50 foot tall sand castle will soon grace the shores of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

"Sandy Castle" as it is affectionately called will bring visitors to the area who will surely be awestruck and amazed.

I had the opportunity to be part of this record-breaking event last week when Harper's Daisy/Girl Scout troop volunteered to help build the castle.

The entire building-process was a well-oiled machine. The assembly line was organized and controlled even with 14 first graders in the mix. The buckets were filled with sand and passed down a line with the utmost precision. All are welcome and encouraged to take part in the building process.

Each level is expertly crafted using a specially formulated sand and a proven process of making the sand meld together to create a cohesive structure.

Once the 50 foot structure has been built, the wooden pilings will come down and Jarrett will sculpt a tribute to the Jersey shore on the castle. It will include the Barnegat Lighthouse and the JetStar roller coaster which went down in Seaside Heights during the storm.

Upon final completion, a small admission fee will be charged to visitors who want to tour the castle. All proceeds will go to Toms River-based charity Hometown Heroes.

Sandy Castle is located next to Jenkinson's Pavillion in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey and is expected to be completed in June.

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