Scenes from the Meridian Momtourage Photo Shoot

Thursday, May 16, 2013
I've been writing for Meridian Momtourage for over 2 years now. Momtourage is an interactive website community for mothers in New Jersey, specifically Monmouth and Ocean counties. I signed on a mom blogger to write articles primarily about women's lifestyle and parenting, but I've been focusing more recently on technology in the parenting space.

Meridian Health re-launched Momtourage last week to offer a more interactive experience for its members. In addition, Momtourage expanded its mom bloggers to include some niche bloggers such as a fashion blogger and a travel blogger.

Part of the re-launch included updating the mom blogger photos, which, of course, meant a photo shoot. The other mom bloggers and I met up in Asbury Park with the very talented Meridian photographer Jacki.

As an amateur photographer, I am never comfortable on the other side of the lens. I'm always thinking that my lipstick is bleeding or my mascara is running, that my clothes are wrinkly, or that one piece of hair is out of place.

Photo shoots drive me crazy. I'm anxious to see the photos. This shoot was a bit different as we were all Instagramming the whole time. We were able to get a  sneak peek at some of the shots. And Jacki is so easy going and fun that it's impossible to be nervous.

Asbury Park provided the perfect backdrop for an edgy and trendy photo shoot.

Social media mavens, Chrissy, Cristie, and Carly are busy tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking.

Carly and I are looking as natural as we could. We were instructed to get as close to those doors behind us without actually touching them since they were filthy. They haven't been cleaned since Hurricane Sandy struck. They were so dirty and sandy. My natural inclination was to lean back against them. I was trying so hard not to do that!

Jacki and Alix, Cristie, and Carly chat between takes.

The set...

A group shot of the Meridian Momtourage mom bloggers.

Be sure to check out Meridian Momtourage on Facebook where you'll find more photos and information.

Fashion note: I am wearing a color block dress from Old Navy accessorized with slingback heels from Payless and a bracelet from Loft.

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