Weekend Dispatch

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This past weekend was spent plotting out our summer. I didn't necessarily fill up every day of every weekend, but we did make a list of places we want to go and see at some point this summer. We also have our annual trip to Rehoboth Beach at the end of the summer, so I am always counting down to that trip. But in between summer planning, here are a few of the other things I've been doing.

I've always been fascinated by southern California in the 1960s, especially the rich music scene and . the rock legends of Laurel Canyon. So much good music and musicians came out of that era. In the rockumentary Echo in the Canyon, Jakob Dylan explores the origins and the rich history of the music of the time, complete with interviews with major players such as Jackson Brown and Michelle Phillips and how the music and its impact reverberated across the world. The documentary has been years in the making and includes an interview with Tom Petty before his death. Echo in the Canyon is currently playing in select theaters.

When it's too hot and you are in no mood to make a big dinner this summer,  whip up this delicious California Garlic Bread With Sauteed Spinach and Avocados. I love the idea of something hearty (crusty bread) with something light (veggies) for a quick but satisfying dinner. You could even grill the bread for an added touch.
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You probably know Catt Sadler from her role as a former host on the E! Network. Sadler left the network when she had a salary disparity with the network. Her male co-host was making twice as much money as she was, and she chose to leave due to inequality issues (Go, Catt!). Fast forward and Sadler has launched the Naked podcast that features real conversations with some of the most captivating women from entertainment, business, health, wellness and more. Her first episode is an interview with actress Olivia Munn who talks about healing from a toxic relationship.  

This Sunday is Father's Day. In what seemed like an endless search for a craft that spanned all ages, I finally found this DIY rock picture frame. It's perfect for little hands and big hands too...a child or an adult can make this and gift it to a father or father figure.
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So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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