Where I Stand

Monday, June 1, 2020

The events of the past week have been nothing short of disturbing, horrifying, and eye opening. These events are nothing new in this country nor are they isolated incidents. This has happened over and over again and will continue to happen until we take action.

I am acutely aware of my white privilege. I understand how my skin color, geographic location, and socio-economic status contribute to that privilege. But I am waking up to the world around me. I want to do better. I want my children to do better. The best thing I can do right now as a mother is teach my daughters about racial injustices and to raise them to be intolerant of it and to empathize with those who experience it.
I am on a mission to educate myself about what is happening in America right now, and how I can be a catalyst for change. I am with everyone else who is saying "Enough is enough."

Things need to change. We can't change the past, but we can learn from it. We can seek to heal the wounds from the past. We can band together as a nation to address the systemic problem of racism and police violence moving forward. Killing a black man because he is a black man is wrong. Wrong on every level.

We can change the future, and the future starts now. Don't sit by idly. Don't wait for the right now. The time is now.

I'm keeping this short and to the point. I don't usually use my blog to discuss current events, controversial events, or political events. But because I do have a platform and an obligation as an influencer, I have chosen to share my stance with my followers.

I have kept commenting on, but please refrain from hateful comments. I didn't wrote this post to spar a debate. This is where I stand on the issue, and because it's an important one to me, I felt the need to share it here.

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