Alternatives to Conventional Gifts This Holiday Season

Monday, November 30, 2020

The festive season is here, and it might just be one of the hardest ones in terms of gift giving. This is primarily because a lot of people have been out of work this year due to the pandemic, making buying gifts a little bit harder. Christmas might be harder to gift for, but it can still be a great one, you just might have to take a little longer to consider what to buy first. These tips can get you started with some alternative gifting ideas.

Think About The Individual

Rather than following the latest gift trends, focus on the individual. Following the gift trends for adults usually leads to pretty pricey gifts. What does your recipient like to do? Are they indoorsy or outdoorsy? What are their hobbies? What do they usually buy and what could they do with it? They like body art? Check this gold septum ring for sale. Think about who they are and what they usually gravitate towards, then highlight what they’re missing out on. This can be easier for some than others, but it’s still worth thinking about and taking time to figure out in order to buy a gift they'll love and remember for years to come.

A Different Type Of Fashion

People aren’t dressing like they used to. Lockdown has put the brakes on fashion but not everyone has realized it yet, meaning people still buy like they did before. A lot of people are working from home now, so they won’t need the clothing gifts they once received. Opt for loungewear gifts instead. Maybe some comfy pajamas or some nice lounge pants to make winter that little bit more bearable. A fuzzy robe and some slippers perhaps.

Purchase For Their Business

Small business owners are really feeling the crunch right now. Buying a gift that aids in running their business goes a long way right now. It might be purchasing some inventory for them to sell in their shop or buying some decor for their cafe or restaurant. It's about thinking outside the box. Something which will be appreciated more than usual because some small business owners have had a really challenging year. It might be helping them with services for something they do as a day job. Think of helping with marketing costs, or tools if they’re a tradesperson. People usually shy away from gifts like this for Christmas but it’s been a strange year.

Go for Social

It’s really important that people keep up with one another, so buy them something which helps them do that. With lockdowns ebbing and flowing, and a firm end not yet in sight, people are still having to spend time at home. Help them speak to others. If they like to play games online, perhaps a subscription to that games online service, Playstation Plus, for example. Or a gift card to an online movie streaming service or a food delivery service helps make our time at home more enjoyable and bearable.

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