Remember To Take Care of Yourself

Thursday, January 7, 2021

I had a different post slated for today but in light of Wednesday's horrific events in our nation's capital, I decided, at the last minute, to shift gears. When something as monumental and as disturbing as the insurrection on the Capitol building occurs, it's easy to succumb to feelings of terror and horror. As soon as I saw a friend post about protestors storming the Capitol, I immediately turned on the TV (something I haven't done in months). For the next two hours, I sat mesmerized in front of the TV. I couldn't focus on anything else. Then I began to obsessively check social media for updates.

After a few hours, I was emotionally overcome and overwhelmed. I needed to step back and step away. I turned off the TV, got in my car, and ran a few errands that were planned for earlier in the afternoon but obviously never happened. It was good to take a break from the noise. But more importantly, it reminded me how important it is to take time to take care of yourself.

I was processing a lot of feelings that day. I started the day on a high note when I woke to the news that both Jon Ossoff and Ralph Warnock had won the Senate races in Georgia. Plus, seeing progress being made on vaccinating more people against COVID-19 was giving me hope. But then the events of the afternoon had completely deflated me. I found myself trying to get back to the place I was earlier in the day, becoming angry that I couldn't get myself back there mentally, and eventually just giving in the feelings of defeat.

Here's the thing. It's important to allow yourself the time and space to process whatever it is you are feeling. Whether it's fear, confusion, anger, resentment, whatever feeling it is, you need to feel it. Feeling those feelings is taking care of yourself. It's most certainly a form of self-care. If you need to call someone or text someone, do it. If it makes you feel better to bake a batch of brownies and eat the entire pan by yourself, do it. If you need to take a long rage run or walk, put your sneakers on and do it. If a long bath and a sheet mask will do the trick, go for it.

The point is, stuff is heavy right now. We are still at the height of a pandemic and combined with a political crisis, things don't get much heavier than that. It's been a long seven days and an even longer 365 days. Give yourself a break, and remember to take care of yourself.

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