The Beauty of the Beach

Thursday, January 29, 2009
We live about two miles from the beach. I am grateful for this close proximity to the ocean. We spend most of our time there in the summer but very little of it in the winter. The beach is amazingly beautiful in the winter. Most of the summer tourists never have the opportunity to witness the beauty of the beach in the winter. Harper and I spent an afternoon exploring the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ a few days ago. Here are some pics of what we discovered.

Harper and I made one last stop at Barbaric Bean for a hot beverage!


Katie said...

You are so lucky to live by the beach, the closest I lived to it was a hour away when in the San Franciso Bay Area. I really miss it, and loved going in all weather. The water was never really warm there, so warm temps was never the draw. I just love the ocean. The lakes in MI just aren't the same, but they're a big improvement from the no water at all of NM.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I noticed you came by and became a follower. I really appreciate it, and look forward to getting to know you better on your blogs too!

Anonymous said...

The breathtaking beauty of the beach is that adorable little girl walking on it.