Whoa, Momma!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009
I first saw it on Yahoo!...woman gives miraculous delivery to octuplets. Before clicking on the link I think, Bless her. She must have had difficulty conceiving and required fertility treatments. I wish her and her babies well. A day later, I read in the New York Post (my newspaper of choice) that she already has six children and lives with her parents. OK, maybe there's a good explanation for her situation.

Today, I read, again in the NY Post, that this woman lives with her parents who, oh, just happen to be bankrupt. Nice. The mother of the children works in a fertility clinic. I thought doctors are intelligent human beings. Did it not occur to just one of these doctors to mention to this woman that she already has six kids, she probably doesn't require any more fertility treatments??!!!!! So, her physician implants the eggs. When eight fertilize, her physician warns her of the risks to both herself and the fetuses. She doesn't heed the warning. Nice.

What was she thinking? Seriously. I want to know exactly what was going through her head. She's insane. She needs to be committed. Wait, I know what was going through her head...BABIES. Today, this woman's mother tells the press that her daughter is obsessed with having babies. OK. I'm obsessed with a few things at the moment, but I haven't made them my life's work.

There are so many women who cannot conceive on their own and who'd give anything, ANYTHING to have one, just ONE baby. NOOOO, this greedy momma's gotta have eight. Plus six. FOURTEEN children. Single parent. Living with her own parents. I want to smack her. But I know that wouldn't help. She needs more than a smack.


Katie said...

I totally second this! What were those doctor's thinking?

Sheila said...

Thanks, Katie! I do think every life has a purpose, but in this situation, this woman went overboard.