The Letter that Landed My Daughter on the Safety Patrol

Monday, August 20, 2012
My soon-to-be fifth grader has been a ball of stress all summer about becoming a safety patrol.

It's serious business. It's serious responsibility. Only about 25 children are invited to become safety patrols. I don't know how many applied, but there are about 120 children in her grade.

Before the end of her 4th grade year, all interested candidates were asked to submit an essay stating why they wanted to be a safety patrol and what qualities they demonstrate that would make them an ideal safety patrol.

Last Saturday, we received a letter from the school's principal and vice-principal inviting Emma to become a safety patrol. She was thrilled! We were proud.

Here is the essay that secured her a spot in the elite group.

I didn't help her write the essay. Both she and I  insisted that she does it on her own, using her own words and ideas.

She must have really "wowed" them!! I think it was the "happy as clowns" part. ;-)

So proud of my big girl.

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