The Tooth Fairy's pockets are empty

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Today Emma lost her 8th tooth. Surely, the Tooth Fairy will need to take out a loan after this loss. She has lost 4 teeth in the last 3 months. My bank account can't take it any longer!!

Thankfully, she lost it on her own. Last Monday, Emma went to the dentist for her 6 month visit. After cleaning her teeth, the dentist told us that Emma can have her sealants put on now. She told us that if one of her teeth didn't fall out by the time she has her sealants on, it would need to be removed by the dentist since her adult tooth was growing in behind it.

In typical Sheila fashion, I started to panic. There is no way this child will allow ANYONE, and I mean anyone, to remove a tooth. But the dentist did assure us that there was plenty of time since it's difficult to book appointments. I could rest easy...that was until we scheduled the appointment for the sealants for JULY 8TH. We were given 9 days to get the tooth out which, at the time, seemed like an ample amount of time. But as the days ticked by, I started to worry. Yes, you can imagine my sheer delight when today, Emma cheerfully yelled, "My tooth fell out! Yay! The dentist won't have to tie a string to it and yank the door closed."

I wish my husband wouldn't tell her such things.

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Bren said...

Maybe the tooth fairy should make a contribution to the "braces" fund, for the not so distant future.