New ears

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Two weeks ago while we were browsing a jewelry store, Harper had a brilliant idea. She wanted to have her ears pierced. I knew the day would come. She had wanted to do it a few months prior but had soon forgotten about it. I've never put limits on the ear piercing thing. My mom wouldn't allow me to do it until I was 10, but my stance has always been if the girls feel they are ready for the responsibility, they can do it.

Obviously at 3, Harper isn't ready for the responsibility, but she was ready to endure the procedure. Since the store we were browsing doesn't actually pierce ears, we had to go to Claire's. Here's the play by play.
In the chair and ready to go. No trace of fear.

Wow! That was quick. And much to my disbelief...NO CRYING!!

Cute little ears.

Overly excited about her new ears!


Pootsie said...

WOW! She's amazing....not one tear. She looks adorable...or actually more adorable. xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow I can't believe she didn't cry. My oldest cried hard! And my youngest decided maybe she didn't want to get hers done after all. She turns 6 this fall and that has been our date deadline. We'll see if she changes her mind. You have a brave one.

Thanks Sheila for all of your comments. I'm going to have to try the butterfly hatching thing. I know my girls would love that.

Trust me I didn't forget you were one of my first followers. I still remember the shout out you gave me months ago. My first one. Thanks for remaining faithful.