Reaching another milestone

Saturday, February 5, 2011
Ask any mother to recall a memorable milestone, and she's sure to say her baby's first tooth. I remember it well. Those white ridges popping through the gums, wiping away that big gummy grin that we immediately fell in love with at birth. Once that first tooth appears, it's only a matter of time before the mouth is filled with pearly whites.
Emma sporting her first two teeth

I can remember Emma's first trip to the dentist. I stressed over it. Would she cry, be terrified, ever return again? Would ear splitting shrieks cause everyone to evacuate the office? And now, years and no cavities later, it seems that all that stressing was for nought.

Until it was recommended by our pediatric dentist that we schedule a consult with an orthodontist. My mind came to a screeching halt. WHAT? Orthodontist? She'll never go for that. All that prying around in the mouth is not going to work for my daughter. Little did I know that Emma wanted to go to the orthodontist. After all, "all my friends are doing it", she told me.

Ahhhh, yes, peer pressure. This time it was on my side.

I was in denial. How could my Emma be old enough for the orthodontist? Not possible. But, several orthodontist visits later, here is my Emma being fitted for a palate expander, a precursor to braces.

I'm proud of her. She hops right into the chair, eager for treatment. Gone are the days of apprehension and fear. I have to wonder. What happened? Could it be, dare I say, that my daughter is growing up and maturing. Someone please hand me the tissues.

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