What age is appropriate for a cell phone?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
I've grappled with this issue for weeks. I've made lists of pros, of cons, of costs. And still, I am questioning my decision.

Tomorrow, Emma turns 9. For the past year, all she has wanted for her birthday is a cell phone. Why? I can't answer this. All that I know is that she has wanted a cell phone. To say that she has one? Yes, probably. To text and call friends? Probably not. Yes, cell phones have become a status symbol amongst the elementary school set.

The Hubs and I have exhausted the subject. We've consulted with friends, family, people we sit next to on the train, plane. You name it. We've asked them. We've labored over glasses of wine discussing until we are blue in the face.

And what have we learned? That 9 is too young for a cell phone. But we already knew that.

We do understand that every situation and circumstance is different. If I worked out of the home, she'd probably have a cell phone. However, I work from home. I am at the bus stop every morning to put her on the bus and every afternoon to get her off the bus. I take her to every after-school activity. When she's not with me and the Hubs, she's with other family and friends who have cell phones.

So, why, I ask, does she need a cell phone?

Call me a prude. Call me old-fashioned. But I just can't justify it.

At what age did you/would you buy your child a cell phone? Please share. This subject has piqued my curiosity.

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