Weekend Fun: Mother-Daughter Date

Sunday, July 8, 2012
I don't often get the opportunity to spend the day with just one of my girls. A few hours here and there maybe, but an entire day? No. Rarely happens.

But yesterday was an exception. Emma was off to Girl Scout camp for the day, and so Harper and I decided to have a Mommy/Daughter date day. We had a day of fun planned.

It started with breakfast and some girl chat at Starbucks. Harper had her favorite, the morning bun (a yummy, flaky roll covered in cinnamon sugar ~ although it looks like a hamburger in this picture).

We went back home where I played manicurist for an hour. Oh, be patient. You'll get a gander at my handiwork in the last picture in this post. We ventured out again. This time, we hit the movies. We saw Brave, but much of the time Harper's face was buried in my chest. It was scarier than I thought it was going to be. Big scary bears. But we did get a good laugh at these little guys running around bottomless!

Why is it necessary for a movie theater to have arcade games? Really? Isn't the movie entertainment enough?? Nothing but concentration on that face.

We ended our afternoon with some frozen yogurt. I love these places that are popping up all over where you can make your own...from serving it to the toppings. She loaded her cup with a little yogurt and lots of sprinkles and gummi bears. 
And how about those nails??? Special days call for special nails. :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Pamela said...

Sounds like perfect day, and fun nails!