I'm Joining Viewpoints Reviews Panel!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
I'm so excited to share some good news!!

I've been invited to join the Viewpoints Reviews Panel to test popular consumer products for a good cause! Viewpoints is one of the leading names in consumer reviews. Viewpoints has recently created a panel of top mom bloggers to review and share their findings via blogs and other social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Sounds like any other review, right? Well, not quite.

One of the aspects of blogging that I adore is product reviews. I see it as a huge service to my readership. I am providing my readers with valuable feedback and information in an effort to help them make the decision whether or not to purchase a product. I establish trust in my readers by providing my honest opinion, good or bad. I also gain a product that I may (or may not) like and may continue to use.

With Viewpoints, the review process is similar in that I will be sent a product to test. I will weigh in on the pros and cons of that particular product. After my testing is complete, I will not keep the product. However, I will donate the product to a charity of my choosing. How fabulous is that??

I couldn't be happier about this partnership. One of my ultimate goals of this blog has always been to use it for a greater good, and my participation on "The Viewpoint" will definitely help me to achieve that goal.

To read more, visit the Viewpoints Web site or check out the Press Release.

Stay tuned for my first review!

In the meantime, if you know of a needy charity, please give me your recommendation. I want to spread the love to as many charities as I can.

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