I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something and other End Of School Year Ramblings

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Not only are my kids eagerly counting down until the last day of school, but I am as well.

The past few weeks have been a flurry of school activities. Some during the day. And some in the evenings. Some have been canceled due to weather and never rescheduled. Field day was canceled twice due to rain and finally happened yesterday.

The 5th grade talent show was canceled due to flooding near the school and has yet to be rescheduled, and at this point probably won't be, leaving a slew of disappointed girls who have worked so hard.

All of these schedule changes are not only impacting other events, but they are difficult to keep track of. It's total upheaval.

I have this constant nagging feeling that I need to be somewhere. That I committed to something but forget to put it in my calendar. It doesn't matter that I have iCal and a huge printed calendar in the kitchen. The thing is you MUST actually record appointments on these things to be reminded of them. Something I forget to do sometimes.

I have had more papers cross my desk in the past month than I have all year long. From end of year letters for gift contributions to end of year classroom celebrations to middle school forms (which are aplenty, let me tell you.)

The fact that I work from home doesn't help matters at all. There is no clean line of demarcation here. It's called "home office" because home bleeds into office. School papers get mixed in with work papers. When I am looking for a work-related email that I printed, I am instead greeted by the sign-up sheet for treats for a class party. Yeah, that's how things are going down here.

I know I am not alone. And that's why I am writing about this. I don't normally rant and ramble here, but I know so many of us are in the same boat. How are you handling it? How do you manage to keep everything straight? Thank goodness the school year ends next Tuesday.

So far, so good. I have managed to remember everything I have committed myself to. But I am waiting for the day when one of my girls comes home with a big ol' "Mom, you said you would...." "Mom, you forgot to...." or "Mom, I can't believe you never..."

If it doesn't happen, I'll be surprised.

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