InstaFriday ~ 7.12.2013

Friday, July 12, 2013
This week we spent some time at the boardwalk in preparation for a Twitter party that I was co-paneling with a few other bloggers. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

I took a lot of pictures to help promote the Twitter party and to promote Jenkinson's Boardwalk, and luckily, these pics are great keepsakes too!

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I am currently working on a campaign with Influenster for Colgate Total. We are trying out the Colgate Total mouthwash. With Emma in braces, and my chronic plaque problem behind my lower front teeth, I'm excited to be trying this new product.

Before we hit the amusement rides, we visited Jenkinson's Aquarium. It was feeding time for the fish, and it was quite a frenzy.

I am captivated by the moon jelly. It practically glows in the dark. And it is so graceful. Just don't get near it tentacles.

After the aquarium, we hit the boardwalk for some fun and games. Life-sized Doodle Jump was a big hit!

For some reason on this particular day, my girls were enthralled by the little train that circles the amusement area. We rode it 5 times before I finally had to say "enough is enough".

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