A New Kitten To Love

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
It was with a lot of thought and consideration that we allowed our youngest daughter to add another cat to our family.

After Harper suffered a broken arm and bravely had surgery, wore a cast for 8 weeks, including during a vacation in Florida, we wanted to give her something special for being a model patient.

Little did we know that she'd ask to adopt a kitten. But we indulged her.

It was with some trepidation though. We already have a 1 year old cat and the Hubs has been known to suffer from allergies to cats. Although he is generally ok with domestic short hairs.

We picked up the little bundle 2 weeks ago, and he has totally turned our house upside down and has found a special place in all of our hearts, including that of our other cat.

Presenting Sammy...

He loves to play "hide-and-seek".

The girls adore him.

And he adores the girls.

Even Jade is warming up to the idea of having a little brother.

There's always the question, "Who rescued who?"

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