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Friday, February 21, 2014
February is National Heart Health month, a month that the American Heart Association dedicates to helping fight heart disease and raise awareness in women with its Go Red For Women campaign.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and surprisingly is more deadly than all forms of cancer.*

Unfortunately, many women are unaware of the symptoms to look for and therefore, often pass off heart disease as a more common ailment such as acid reflux or general muscle aches and pains.

Last night, as part of the Meridian Momtourage team I attended a charity event sponsored by Meridian Health to help raise awareness of heart disease in women. There were informative speeches by health care professionals and moving speeches by heart attack survivors. The general message was that we can't fix what we don't know. So, the more we know about heart disease in women, the better armed we are to manage it and prevent it.

As someone who has 2 of the risk factors for heart disease (high blood pressure and high cholesterol), I know first hand how difficult it can be to manage those risk factors. But I know how important it is for my heart health.

The event was held at Watermark in Asbury Park, a hip, upscale restaurant and nightclub that was the perfect setting for a fun and festive evening. There were heart healthy bites to eat and red cocktails created just for the event.

It was a sea of red.
Ladies dance the night away at Meridian Health's Red Dress event
Actual dresses that have been featured in the annual Red Dress fashion show were on display throughout the venue.

There were plenty of opportunities to mingle with experts. Here, Carly (far right) and I chat with Dr. Brett Sealove, a cardiologist who practices at Monmouth Cardiology Associates, which happens to be the practice that I go to. However, I see one of Dr. Sealove's colleagues. Also pictured is Cindy, a Meridian team member.

And of course, any Meridian event is not complete with a little pow-wow with my fellow bloggers. Carly and I catch up!
All photos appear courtesy of Meridian Health.

It was a fabulous night for a great cause!

For more information about Go Red For Women or to find out how you can help fight heart disease, visit Go Red For Women on Facebook.

You can find Meridian Health on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

*According to the American Heart Association

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