My 5 Favorite Soup Recipes

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
My favorite comfort meal is a piping hot bowl of soup with a crusty roll or hunk of bread. There's just something about soup that warms your insides down to your soul. If I am ever having a bad day (or a busy one, for that fact), I make a batch of soup. A steaming hot bowl of soup always melts the troubles away.

Now that the colder weather is approaching, I thought it was the perfect time to round up my favorite soup recipes. Here are the five soup recipes that I make time and time again, and they never disappoint.

Meatball tortellini soup
This is a heartier take on Italian wedding soup with larger meatballs and plump cheese tortellini. A perfect substitute for spaghetti and meatballs.

Lasagna soup
I'm not a big fan of lasagna, so I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this soup so much. The broth helps to break up the thickness of the pasta and meat. Top it off with a dollop of ricotta cheese, and you'll never go back to traditional lasagna.

Lemon chicken orzo soup
When I want something other than traditional chicken noodles soup, I make this chicken orzo soup. The lemon juice adds a dimension to the soup that you don't find in chicken noodle soup.

Chicken, tortilla, and lime soup
This soup is hearty despite the fact that there is not pasta component to it. But the addition of the tortilla strips adequately takes the place of pasta. No time to make the tortilla strips? Just add some crushed store-bought tortilla chips instead.

Light loaded baked potato soup
Although I'm not a big fan of cream-based soups, I'm a sucker for this baked potato soup. The combination of chicken broth and low-fat milk gives it a light consistency while keeping the taste rich.
To see more of my favorite soup recipes, visit my Soups On! board on Pinterest.

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