Friday Fresh Picks: 6 Random Things I'm Loving

Friday, April 8, 2016
This week has totally kicked my butt. Between preparing my taxes to getting a bit of bad news to life's general busyness, I am ready to call it a day, and it's only 9 am!! This weekend I plan to unplug, hug my kids a little longer and harder, and take some time to reflect on what's important.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with your favorite things. xx

Speaking of favorite things, today's Friday Fresh Picks features a few randoms that I am totally loving lately.
Straw Beach Tote
It's safe to say that I am having a moment with tassels and pom poms lately. I love the contrast of the bright tassels against neutral colored straw. I can see this bag quickly becoming my go-to, everyday bag for running errands, hitting the beach, heading to the pool, and for quick trips to the farmers market.

Cute Box of Matches
In anticipation of receiving a new Diptyque candle for Mother's Day {hint, hint, cough, cough}, I treated myself to these super cute matches from Design Darling. Even if I don't get the candle, these matches will add a stylish touch to my coffee table.

Linen Romper
I wandered into Old Navy yesterday in search of some tank tops for the gym and wandered out with this little gem. After a day at the beach or pool, I love to come home, shower, and slip on something comfortable and light. This romper is ideal for just that.

Kate Spade's #missadventure
I loved season 1 and couldn't wait for season 2. Now that it's here, I am not disappointed! Watch it.

Leather Tassel Necklace
I wasn't kidding about being hooked on tassels! What I love about this particular necklace is the leather tassel. Most necklaces I've seen have fabric tassels, but this one is a bit different.

Pineapple Throw Pillow
I'm on the hunt for some pillows for the bench in our dining room. I want a few that are summery but don't scream overly beachy. I just adore this gold pineapple pillow from Target.

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