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Monday, July 25, 2016
This post was written in partnership with Uncommon Goods.

Between both of my daughters, they attend and subsequently buy presents for many birthday parties each year. With each party, I seem to struggle with ideas for what to buy. I prefer to buy a gift rather than go the gift card route. Gifts are more personal, and they show that you've put some thought into what the recipient wants and likes.

It's hard to know exactly what each recipient likes and wants, and it's tough to be on my creative A game every time a birthday rolls around. But once I discovered Uncommon Goods, shopping for gifts for everyone on my list became super easy and fun, and least of all a last-minute hassle.

I was drawn to Uncommon Goods after reading their company mission. It was so similar to my own personal mission, and I couldn't help but to immediately relate. It is a company that wants to change the workplace and world in positive, morale-boosting ways by offering its employees the best benefits, flexibility in the workplace, and more.

Uncommon Goods prides itself on helping its customers understand the social and environmental impacts of their purchases. Uncommon Goods is focused on social good and promoting artisans and crafters who have deep passions for their handmade goods and who focus on creating handmade, recycled, and organic products.

Finding unique gifts for kids was super easy. Uncommon Goods has done an amazing job of curating the best (and cutest) gifts for kids of all ages and interests.

Here are three gifts from Uncommon Goods we are considering for upcoming birthday parties:

My girls love to watch stop animation videos on YouTube. If you know a kid who loves to dabble in film making, this stop motion animation kit makes the perfect gift.

I don't know a kid who doesn't love to go for a bike ride or draw with sidewalk chalk. Now, they can do both at the same time with the bike chalk trail kit. How cool is this? I wish this was around when I was a kid. I rode circles around our driveway, and I could have made incredible designs with this.

For older kids (like my teenager), games that test knowledge are preferred. When we go out to restaurants, she loves to play the electronic trivia games at the table. But you don't have to wait until you are out to dinner to enjoy a game of trivia. Kwizniac trivia game allows the whole family to play at home. Perfect for family game night or for a sleepover with friends.

We are attending a baby shower at the end of the summer, and I have been racking my brain trying to find a gift that is unique and meaningful. I want to purchase a gift that no one else will give and one that will long be remembered and will be the topic of conversation for years to come.

Uncommon Goods has an unbeatable selection of baby gifts that match my criteria. I've narrowed down my choices to these three gifts.

As a new parent, I could never seem to have enough onesies. My girls went through 3 or 4 per day, and it was anyone's guess when I was going to have a chance to do laundry. I was grateful for every last onesie I received from well wishers. This diaper loading bodysuit is by far one of the best and funniest that I've ever seen. Who wouldn't get a kick of it?

Every new baby needs a mobile. Not only are they cute and a great decor piece for the nursery, but they also provide endless entertainment and distraction (much needed!). I love this whimsical taco dreams mobile. How cute!

I have always been a big proponent of developing a love of reading early in a child. Starting with reading to your baby, introducing books at an early age is important. However, babies and books don't always mix. They have a tendency to tear and chew pages. This indestructible nursery rhyme book set is the BEST option for little hands and little mouths. Not only are they drool and tear-proof, but they are washable too!

Some of the very best gifts I have ever received are personalized baby gifts. Personalized gifts have an added touch. They are collectibles to be cherished forever. Now that my daughters are getting older, they are growing to love the personalized gifts that bear their names and birth details.

As a parent, I know how special baby photo albums are. I love to sit down and look through my daughters' books. It's a walk down memory lane, and as they grow older, the books become more cherished. This personalized baby photo album will capture and hold all the moments new parents hold dear.

I absolutely adore this personalized coat of arms birth announcement. I love how this keepsake has all the most precious information (name, weight, zodiac sign, place and date of birth, and parents' names) about the special little one in one place and in the cutest design.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my dad measuring me in the warehouse at the hardware store he owned. I loved to go back to see all the tick marks over the years. It was a special moment my father and I shared. We both delighted in the ritual of his measuring me and recording it. This personalized family growth chart can hold the same memories for you and your children.
To purchase these gifts and shop for more, visit Uncommon Goods.

Thanks to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this discussion. All opinions are my own.

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