5 Fab Finds Under $50: Workout Edition

Monday, January 13, 2020
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New year. New you, right? Maybe that new you starts with prioritizing your health, mainly starting (or getting back to) an exercise routine. Just the thought of adding exercise into your life can be daunting, let alone the thought of buying the right clothes, sneakers, and gear. This week, I've hand selected five fab finds under $50 to help you kick off your fitness routine and start slaying those goals.

1. Nike Running Sneakers ($49.97) - If you haven't bought a new pair of sneakers in a while, it's time. I running shoe with decent support will go a long way to not only keeping your feet comfortable and but also helping you perform with optimal results. This sneaker has a soft foam midsole to cushion your stride whether you are running, walking, or weight training.

2. Stainless Steel Water Cup ($23) - I bought this cup late last month and have been obsessed with it. I love using it at the gym, and long after I've returned home, I'm still drinking plenty of water. I have the marble design, but it's available in a ton of colors and prints as well as different sizes. I have the 24 oz. cup.

3. Strappy Tank Top ($29) - I'll admit, I have a lot of workout tanks, but this one has quickly become one of my favorites. It's form-fitting in all the right ways, but light and comfortable at the same time. I love the strappy detail in the back, and it's available in all the colors.

4. Workout Leggings ($24) - If you haven't checked out the selection of workout leggings at Amazon, you really should. There's lots of good stuff there. I've said it before, I have a hard time paying a ton of money for leggings that'll get sweaty and beaten to a pulp at the gym. These are the right price and good quality, just what I look for in workout leggings.

5. Twist-Front Top ($35) - Whether you are heading to they gym or just lounging at home, this twist front top is perfect for throwing on. My gym is cold, and I like to wear tops like this until I get warmed up and break a sweat. It's super cute for running weekend errands too!

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