Old toys are new again

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Our playroom needs a serious makeover. I want to add some shelving to better organize board games and puzzles and to allow the girls easy access to these toys. But before I do that, I need to invest some time in purging. We've collected toys over the years, but have not rid ourselves of the baby toys. Over the weekend, I identified the toys that I think are no longer age appropriate and have questioned the ones that are age appropriate but just haven't been touched in months.

Let me say this, if you want your kids to play with a toy, just threaten to donate it. Yes. I know. I'm a mean mom. But, I'm telling you, it works! Such was the case with our Barbie kitchen. It was placed in a corner of the playroom and has long been forgotten. When I suggested that we donate it to our church, you might have guessed that I had suggested amputating their right arms and donating them. Seriously. I never knew they had such an emotional attachment to that kitchen. They presented a somewhat convincing argument to keep it. Fine. But I better see some action in the kitchen!

And action there was!

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