Life's Challenges

Thursday, January 14, 2010
As a writer, it can be so difficult to hold back at times. Ever since I can remember, I've known that I can express myself more effectively on paper than I can verbally. My first instinct is to write. Writing is a healing process for me. Blogging is certainly no different than writing in a journal with one exception. Through blogging I get an outpouring of support through comments. Much needed comments.

There are other times when sharing is difficult. It involves conveying deeply personal information and emotions. Such is my case today.

This morning when I dropped off Harper at preschool, one of her teachers motioned me inside. Ugh! I got that feeling in my stomach. You know the feeling...when you're about to hear something that you don't want to hear...whatever it may be. A few things raced through my mind before the teacher began to speak. When she finished, I had the message, and to me, it was heartbreaking.

Before I tell you the issue, let me begin by saying that it's all relative. I know there are oodles of parents out there who are worse off than we. They are dealing with tougher medical issues than we are. As I said, it's relative. OK, that being said here's the deal. Harper's primary teacher is concerned with her speech progression. She's having difficulty forming certain letters and speech patterns. Apprently, it's not affecting her socially, but the teachers and classmates have difficulty understanding her. Her teacher fears that if it is left untreated, it could be a problem years from now, and worse yet, her peers could mock her.

Now, I don't know about you, but that's enough incentive for me to address this problem immediately. There's nothing worse than being mocked by your peers. Nothing. We are aware of some speech problems, but we thought they were indicative of her age. I'll be addressing this with her pediatrician when she goes for her follow-up visit for her ear infection.

I want to write about this, but I have mixed feelings about detailing my children's medical issues. However, I do feel that blogging can be a powerful tool that results in support and shared experiences. This is just another bump in the road called Parenting Highway, and I'm certainly not the first traveler down this road.


Bren said...

I know my Harpy will overcome this bump in the road. With the help and encourgement from her big sister and mommy and daddy, she will do it.

Pootsie said...

I think it is good that the teacher talked to you! Early intervention is the key!!! I am echoing Brenda....Harper will work through this and is lucky to have such family support!!! xoxo