Redeeming Tropicana Juicy Rewards: Bowling

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
We don't do it very often, but when we go bowling, we always have a great time. Such was the case on Friday when we decided to redeem some of my Tropicana Juicy Rewards points for a few free games of bowling. To learn more about Juicy Rewards, see my post here.

It was my first time bowling! Can you believe it? That's right. I had never been bowling before. I can check that one off my bucket list! I've been to a bowling alley and watched others bowl, but I've never participated until Friday. I never knew the fun I was missing. My sister Brenda was visiting from Tampa for the weekend. She had the pleasure of joining us for my first bowling adventure.

My sister and Harper entering the names...

Perfecting my form! ;)
Lunch afterwards...What a fun day!

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Unknown said...

Aww, what a fun time we had, not only bowling, but the entire day. Thanx again for the great weekend.