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Sunday, April 11, 2010
There are 35+ million women who either write, read or comment on blogs. As that number continues to grow, negativity in the mom blogger community grows as well. NBC's Today show recently featured two prominent women in the blogging community and their thoughts on the dark side of mom blogs.

My personal philosophy on commenting is that if you can't respond with a respectful comment, do not comment at all. Sure, there will always be issues and opinions with which we disagree, but is it necessary to voice those oppositions? I don't think so, but obviously, others disagree. I welcome all comments even those that may not be in agreement with those voiced in my posts. But I will remove any comments that are rude or disrepectful.

There is an overwhelming amount of support and empathy in the mom blogging community that far outweighs the negativity. I appreciate other's opinions, ideas and approaches to parenting, and hope that any visitors to my blog would do the same for me.


Unknown said...

Hi! I thought I'd stop over for the UBP as well :D What an interesting piece about the "dark side" of mom blogs. I definitely agree with you and take the same philosophy about comments.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hey good to hear from you today. You were one of my very first readers:) Really glad to hear you are doing some writing and keeping busy. Good for you.

Regarding your post. I have only gotten maybe 2 or 3 negative comments in the last 300+ posts I've written. So thankfully I haven't been exposed to the mean mommy thing. It's my opinion if you don't like what you read...move on. No need to be mean or hurt someone just to get your thoughts out there. Blogging is supposed to be a supportive community, that's what makes it so unique and special.

Have a great evening Sheila. Take care:)

Anita Hamilton said...

Thanks for posting this. I Couldn't agree more! It's shocking to hear this kind of information but it's good to keep in mind.

I blog and comment with the thought that I will speak to others as I wish to be spoken to.

Have a great week Sheryl! :0)

Small Burst said...

Thanks for the video. I agree with you. If you don't like a post, disagree but don't leave a rude comment. I think for the most part, many mom bloggers are cordial, at least this is what I've experienced.