A few of my favorite things: Skincare/Makeup

Thursday, September 23, 2010
I am a self-proclaimed makeup and skincare products hoarder. I love them all, cleansers, moisturizers, body lotions and creams, and any makeup, especially lipstick. I have, however, managed to curb my habit in a time when less is more. I am scaling back and buying only the absolute necessities.

Here are a few of my current faves:

Cleanser. It's the end of the day. It's late. You're tired. The absolute last thing you want to do is wash your face. But you've got to do. It's important to rid your skin of makeup, residue, and toxins. My current favorite cleanser is Olay Dual Action Cleanser and Pore Scrub. It's effective yet gentle on my skin. I love the way it smells.

Moisturizer. After cleansing, you MUST apply moisturizer. It's one of the best medicines for your skin. Over the years, I've tried countless moisturizers. Hundreds of them. There are plenty that I like, but my current favorite is philosophy's Hope In A Jar. It's light and doesn't leave that greasy feeling behind. I can thank my bloggy friend Becky who blogs at Farmgirl Paints for introducing me to this moisturizer. Hop over to her blog and take a look for yourself. She's got gorgeous skin. She's just beautiful all around, actually.

Sunscreen. This is a must. On a daily basis. Don't save it for the beach or pool only. Use sunblock any time you'll be exposing your skin to the harmful effects of the sun. Taking the kiddos for a stroll? Apply it. Stepping out of your office to grab lunch? Apply it. It will save your skin. As a rosacea sufferer, I've made sunscreen an integral part of my daily skin care regime. My favorite is Neutrogena's Age Shield Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 90. Yes. 90. And I wear a straw hat. It's just that important.

If there are only 3 products to use, they are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The are skin savers.

Of course, I can't stop at just 3, and here are few more of my current must-haves.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Perfecting Base - This primer is applied after moisturizer but before foundation. It creates a smooth and even base by filling in fine lines. It's silky and feels great on your skin. I cannot live without this stuff.

M.A.C. Studio Fix Lash Mascara - In one word, superb. Fills in my sparse lashes perfectly and lengthens them too! What more could I want from a mascara? M.A.C. eye shadows are fabulous too. They are available in a fantastic array of colors to please anyone.

Last, but certainly not least, is my beloved lipstick. Gotta have it. Won't go anywhere without it. I have long been a fan of M.A.C. lipsticks and lip liners. But my current favorite is Benefit in the color Finders Keepers.

Are you a collector? Hoarder? Little bit of both? If so, what are some of your favorite things?

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way by any of the represented brands.

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annalene said...

Thanks for the recommendations, I haven't tried any of these but I've heard so much about Hope in A Jar & should probably pick some up!

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