Retail regret

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Have you ever bought something only to discover later that you don't really want that item? You thought those earrings would love great with a particular top. But once you got home and tried them on, you wondered what you were thinking? I could list so many examples.

Conversely, have you ever passed up a purchase only to regret it later? Well, that's what I did a few days ago.

I saw these shoes at Macy's and fell in love immediately. I spotted them from 100 feet away, and as I approached, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.

Here's what I was thinking: I can see myself in these shoes. I already have so many outfits that would be perfectly paired with these shoes. I wouldn't have to buy anything to go with them. I get lots of compliments on them. Everyone would ask me where I got them. Everyone would want them.

It gets even better. They were 30% off. They were on sale! Did I need any further justification to be these rockin' shoes? I think not.

After 20 minutes of touching, staring at, and fantasizing about how I would look in the shoes, I didn't buy them. I. Didn't. Buy. Them. I still have difficulty admitting it. I love these shoes. Now, I am regretting my decision to not purchase them. I think about them everyday. I wonder if I made the right decision. I know it's silly. They are, after all, only a pair of shoes. But still...

Do you have any retail regrets? If so, what is your biggest?

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Rebecca said...

Please go back and buy those shoes!!! They are so you. I don't have much retail regret, but I do have a creepy shopping habit.

I have to at least put one thing back when I get to the register, and if I don't then I have to return something.

I think it's called buyer's remorse, but I'm not quite sure.

All's I do know is that retail therapy WORKS FOR ME! Even if it means I have to return something. It's the initial rush that reels me in...hook.line. and sinker.