Tuesday's Tasty Treat: Tuna salad with a twist

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Can we all agree that tuna salad can get really boring really fast? There aren't many ways to be creative with tuna salad. I have, however, found a few ways to mix it up a bit and jazz up boring old tuna salad. I have recently converted my non-seafood eating daughter to a tuna salad lover. Read on to see my tasty twists.

Tuna Salad with a Twist

1 can of Bumblebee Tuna Sensations, Lemon and Cracked Pepper
Diced onion (to your specifications), I use about 1/4 of a small yellow onion
Diced celery (to your specifications), I use about 2 medium stalks
Handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped
*Handful of cilantro, finely chopped

*Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Freshly ground pepper, to taste
Mayonnaise, I use about 1 heaping tablespoon of light mayo

Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Serve on bread (I love it on toasted marble rye) or as a salad topper.

*My "twists"

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Julie @justprecious said...

yum! I think I know what I want for lunch tomorrow!