Lime and reorganizing

Monday, November 29, 2010
I know you're wondering what do the color lime and reorganizing have in common? Not much really, but they were both the inspiration behind my recent kitchen cleanup.

It all started with a bowl of limes on the island. The color was so vibrant. I wanted more of it in my kitchen.

I found some tea towels at Target, a really cool utensil bucket and some hand soap at HomeGoods.

On Black Friday, I bought this fabulous Martha Stewart dutch oven at Macy's for a steal, $19.99. It was regularly priced at $69.99. (See, it pays to get to the mall at 4:30 am.) I love this basket for storing my favorite cooking magazines and the utensil pot is actually meant for a plant, but because I end up killing all of mine, I used it more constructively. Both were purchased at Christmas Tree Shops. And the olive pot holder and towel set has been around awhile. Sorry, but I just can't recall where I bought it.

The last thing on my list to buy is a lime green tea kettle. I've had my eyes on one at HomeGoods for weeks. I think it's time to go get it. My red one looks really out of place in my kitchen full of lime green!

Do you have a color that defines your kitchen...either the accessories or the walls? What is it? And where did the inspiration for that color come from? I'd love to know!

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