Wine of the Week: Bohemian Highway Sauvignon Blanc

Monday, November 15, 2010
I"ll admit that what caught my eye first was the label of this wine. It's colorful and a bit retro with a hint of Grateful Dead. Although the label drew me in, the price kept me there. At $8.99/bottle, Bohemian Highway's Sauvignon Blanc didn't require a whole lot of thought or effort to put the bottle in my basket.

I couldn't wait to try it. Later that evening after getting a good chill on the wine, I opened the bottle, poured a glass, and savored my first sip. I was pleasantly surprised. A wine in this price range can go either way, and in most cases, it goes by way of my kitchen sink's drain. But not this crisp, clean white wine by Bohemian Highway.

The wine description per Bohemian Highway's Web site, "The Sauvignon Blanc strikes the ideal balance between lush, tropical fruit flavors and bright, refreshing herbaceous notes. Its well-balanced acidity and crisp finish make it a great addition to any meal. And its fruit-forward pleasing style echoes the relaxed style of Bohemian Highway lifestyle."

Located in Napa, California, Bohemian Highway takes its name from the famed stretch of Northern California highway that winds through vineyards and redwood forests and stretches to the Pacific Ocean. The award-winning wines are aptly named for the artists and adventure seekers who ventured down the route years ago in pursuit of an easy-going and relaxed lifestyle that defines California.

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