Beauty and the Beast

Saturday, November 20, 2010
There's gorgeous, and then there's GORGEOUS. Eva Longoria is GORGEOUS. It's not a matter of opinion. She just is.

So when the news hit the wire the other day that Eva Longoria and hubby Tony Parker were headed for splitsville, I was shocked. Who would cheat on her? Oh, wait, Tony Parker would. And what's worse is that he cheated with a teammate's wife. Leaving behind a string of text messages, Parker was busted when Longoria discovered the messages. That's just wrong on so many levels.

Photo credit: Getty Images

As an actress on one of my favorite shows, Eva Longoria feels like a friend to me. You know, like someone I get together with for one hour a week, Sundays from 9-10. You just want to give her comfort. Tell her that she's better off without him in her life.

What is with these men? Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston. Gabriel Aubrey cheated on Halle Berry. Certainly these men are not cheating up because that would be impossible. OK, maybe Brad Pitt cheated up. No, it was a lateral cheat. I know, we don't have all the details of these relationships, but what makes men cheat on some of the most beautiful women in the world? Someone please tell me.


Shell said...

It's like no one's safe from being cheated on.

xiao said...
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