Surviving Halloween

Monday, November 1, 2010
Halloween has become one of those holidays that requires a lot of work. Almost like Christmas and Easter. But I do love it. I love the decorations and the whimsy. I love that adults get into it almost just as much as children.

This year, we had a fun but busy Halloween. It started with a parade in our town. We staked out a spot, and the girls were ready to catch the candy!

This was Harper's favorite part of the parade:

Emma's favorite part of the parade was catching the candy:
After the parade, it was time to hit the sidewalks to go trick-or-treating with my ballerina and my butterfly!
The girls had just about had enough after only 1.5 hours. They were done. They wanted to take their stash home and survey it. So we did. Candy. Candy. And more candy.

I survived it. Now, 24 days until Thanksgiving!

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