Bear with me

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Over the weekend, I lost the use of my laptop. No, my hard drive wasn't destroyed by a virus. I didn't spill a venti iced white mocha all over it. Nope. The laptop is in perfect condition, except for one lousy little part of it. One of the most important parts of it, the port for the AC adapter broke. The small pin inside the port broke, and now I am unable to charge my laptop.

The most frustrating part? Knowing the hard drive is alive and well, and I can't get to any of the documents and pictures on it.

I'm using Emma's and Harper's laptop, but it is a basic, no frills laptop. It doesn't even have an internal CD-ROM drive. I can't install the printer drivers so that I can print or scan. Grrrr! I feel as if my hands are tied behind my back. The keyboard is much small than mine so I've had to adjust to typing on it. Buttons are in different locations, and I keep hitting the wrong ones. Typos abound.

Here's our dilemma. We've located the part that needs to be replaced, but labor could be costly. So much so that the Hubs is saying we should just buy a new laptop and transfer the data from the old hard drive.

It's funny how such a small piece of technology is such a powerful thing.

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