Busy, busy, busy

Thursday, December 9, 2010
Allow me to vent for a second. I promise, after this post, you won't hear it again...at least not until mid-January. ;)

'Tis the season for craziness. I know we are all in the same boat. No time for shopping, baking, entertaining, or enjoying all this holiday season has to offer. I feel as if the days are flying by.

Last fall I volunteered to be the chairperson of the Holiday Shop at Emma's elementary school. Last year, I shadowed the then-chairperson. This year...it's all on me.  I joined the PTO when Emma was in Kindergarten and have been an active member for 4 years. I readily volunteer and am proud to do it for my child and for countless others. I feel it's my duty as a parent. Plus, it keeps me involved, and to me, that is important. That being said...

This week has been Cah. Ray. Zee. The merchandise shipment that I expected on Tuesday never arrived. I had to chase down my contact to get it to the school by yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, they are a local company and could send a driver with the shipment. This morning, I spent 3 hours performing inventory on the merchandise. Tonight, I am pricing it and making labels for the tables. Tomorrow afternoon, I will set up the shop in the school library. And Saturday is showtime!

When am I supposed to do everything else this weekend? The girls want to see "Tangled", bake cookies, make ornaments, take a train ride with Santa, go shopping. Sleep? Obviously, that's not happening. Next Saturday, I am going to Manhattan with family and girlfriends for a birthday celebration, so that day is blacked out. Although I'm home during the day, I can't do anything substantial without Emma. I can't exclude one of my children from any of these fun, holiday activities.

I keep "favoriting" tweets about baking and ornament making. Will I ever get to it? Only time will tell.

We are all busy moms. How do you accomplish everything on your to-do list during the holidays? Do you? I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Anyone with me?

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