Introducing Purex Complete Crystals

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
I was recently invited to join the Purex Insiders team. As a Purex Insider, I get the inside scoop on new Purex products, get freebies, and be able to share tips and other information with you, my loyal readers, as well as with the Purex Brand Team.

How does this benefit me, aside from the free stuff? Well, for starters, I get to apply my knowledge of and experience with a household chore that I perform almost daily, doing the laundry. In the span of a week, I often turn over 20+ loads of laundry. Yeah, I think I have something to say about it.

My first mission as a Purex Insider is to test and review the newest product in Purex's line, Purex Complete Crystals. Purex Complete Crystals is a fabric softener like none other. It's not a liquid. It's not a powder. It's in crystal form. Yes, tiny crystals that work magic on your laundry.

What? You don't use fabric softener because it's a pain to add mid-cycle? I hear you. Well, guess what? Purex Complete Crystals are added at the same time you add your laundry detergent. There's no need to listen to the washing machine for the switching of the gears as a reminder that it's time to add the fabric softener. What a bonus!
Purex Complete Crystals are 92% natural and are not oil-based like most other fabric softeners. Rather than coating the fabrics with oil, Purex Complete Crystals penetrate the fabrics and infuse the fibers with freshness that lasts beyond removal from the washer.

Purex Complete Crystals do not impair the flame retardant qualities of children's sleepwear.

And here's the best part, Purex Complete Crystals have a wonderful fresh scent that leaves your laundry smelling as if it's been waving in the fresh air for hours without feeling stiff.

Beginning December 28, 2010 Purex Complete Crystals will be available exclusively at WalMart for around $5.50 per bottle. Other retailers will carry it beginning in January and February. Head to your nearest WalMart and grab a bottle! They are sure to be flying off the shelves once word gets around!!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample bottle of Purex Complete Crystals and a coupon for a complimentary full-size bottle to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed herein are solely mine. To view my full disclosure policy, click here.

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