The End of Another School Year

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
There's a feeling in the air. You can almost smell it. It's the smell of the beginning of summer. It reeks of the end of another year of school. The smell of rambunctious children with dreams of lazy summers permeates the air.

As a parent, this time of year always brings mixed emotions. I'm excited to have my girls home for the summer. I'm anxious to go to the beach, to flush the morning routine down the drain, to stay up late catching fireflies and eating ice cream. But on another hand, I like my free, child-less time. Don't judge. Yes, I am a bit selfish, but who doesn't enjoy free time? It's my quiet time while the girls are at school. It's my time to read, blog, read blogs, exercise, drink iced coffee from Starbucks, listen to MY music, and time to remember who I am apart from my daughters.

This summer, especially, brings a lot of mixed feelings. My youngest will go to Kindergarten in the fall so that means one thing: I will go back to work. This is probably the last summer I will spend with my girls because next summer I'll be working full-time. :( Bittersweet? Yes. This is the last summer for me to linger over coffee and the newspaper in the mornings. It's the last summer to watch the kids frolic in the surf and build sand castles.

I'm sad, but I am going to make the most of it. There is no camp this summer. The girls didn't want to go, and we didn't push it. If this is to be my last summer home with them before I return to work, I want them to be with me. We've got plans to take a few day trips. We've got plans to stay close to home enjoying the beach. There won't be a dull moment, I promise you.

Consider this our big blowout summer!

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