Summer Makeup Must-Have: CoverGirl NatureLuxe

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
A few months ago, I bought the CoverGirl NatureLuxe foundation, but the color was too light. So, I didn't wear it more than once. I had been meaning to buy a darker color but was waiting for the summer to hit so I could coordinate the foundation with the hint of color that my skin has during the summer months.

As you know, I'm always on the lookout for the makeup sales at Walgreens. Sure enough, this week, CoverGirl products are "Buy 1, Get 2nd 50% off". To top it off, I found a coupon for $5 off 2 NatureLuxe products in Sunday's "Parade" magazine. I was all over it.
The foundation has a hint of jojoba extract and cucumber water. It promises a "barely there" feel and flawless, luxurious coverage. It also offers an SPF of 10. Because I have rosacea, I always have to wear foundation, but in the summer, I like one that is light. This promised to be "barely there", and I must say, it lived up to that promise. It was weightless and silky and offered great and even coverage, which is difficult for a foundation to do on a rosacea face. This time around I chose the Nutmeg (360) and am very pleased with the color. It blends well with the redness that results from rosacea and conceals it effectively.

Since the Walgreens' special included a second product at 50% off, I went with the NatureLuxe Gloss Balm for lips. Big surprise there! You know I love my lipstick! The Gloss Balm has the soft, silky feel of a gloss but offers the exceptional color of a lipstick. Another has an SPF of 15.

The NatureLuxe line is perfect for the summer but is definitely suitable for year-round wear. I love the light feel. You won't know you're wearing foundation, but you'll have the color and coverage that you need.

The foundation retails for about $12, and the Gloss Balm retails for about $7.

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