Friday Fun: This Week's Top 5 "Pin" Picks

Friday, June 15, 2012
This week while frantically searching for a recipe for turtle cupcakes on Pinterest, I was easily sucked in. Before I knew it, I had pinned about 30 items, none of which was the turtle cupcakes. Oops!

I found some really fantastic stuff and just had to share.

1. Party Decorations
This is a must for my next party!

2. Lands' End Canvas dress
How fabulously casual is this dress. I. Want. It. Now!

3. Fabric Magnetic Board made from a cookie sheet
OMG! I seriously think I'm going to try to make this board this coming week.

4. Stone Fruit Sangria
Yeah. I'll be mixing up a batch of this over the weekend.

5. Banana Split Bites
These are the perfect treat for a summer barbecue.

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