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Friday, January 4, 2013
Let's not kid ourselves. Busy moms have busy schedules. How often have you quickly scribbled an appointment or a note on a sliver of paper only to lose it? Don't be ashamed to admit that it's happened to you. It has happened to all of us.

After having lost countless slips of paper, placed appointments in various places only to forget where I placed them, I finally invested in a momAgenda® planner, and I've never looked back.

MomAgenda® makes stylish day planners, folios, and accessories for busy moms with hectic schedules. Don't try to manage your crazy schedule alone. Never miss an appointment again. momAgenda® can help you organize your time, your family, your work, and your household. All in one place. And momAgenda products follow an August to August calendar to coincide with your child's school year.

momAgenda® items are available in a variety of models, sizes, and colors depending on your needs.

My personal favorite is the momAgenda Mini-Daily. I've owned one for the past 2 years. I'm a sucker for the animal prints. This year it's available in Leopard. I've owned the Giraffe print as well.

The Desktop Planner is perfect for managing multiple calendars for all the members of your family. Shown in python. What a chic color!

Not a mom? Don't fret! momAgenda® makes planners for every busy and stylish woman.

Manage your busy life with the myAgenda Desktop planner. Never again lose track of appointments, lunch meetings, dinner dates, exercise classes, and social activities. Shown in scarlet.

For those who prefer a mini planner that's easy to pop into your bag, try the myAgenda mini. Shown in graphite.

Any of the above planners can be personalized for a small fee. Add your name or initials to the front of your planner for a customized look. Full details can be found on the web site.

momAgenda® also offers journals, note pads, and sticky notes as well as home organizers. You can also download printables directly from the momAgenda Web site.

Currently, momAgenda is offering a 40% discount on all planners and free shipping on orders over $30. This is a fantastic offer, and you don't want to miss out on the savings.

To view the entire product line and learn more about momAgenda, visit the Web site.

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